DevOps Engineer

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
We are seeking an experienced, high-energy person to handle application deployments of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based Payroll and HR products for the Systems Support team. This person will be responsible for handling the day-to-day deployment needs to multiple application environments. The job responsibilities include developing deployment scripts/processes, executing deployment processes, handling deployment errors, and remediating them. The role is also responsible for providing technical support by automating deployment processes whether via scripting, use of deployment tools, or a combination thereof. He or she will act as a liaison between many teams, particularly with Software Development and IT to coordinate documentation and communications for implementing new applications or upgrading existing applications. This person will also provide feedback on the deployment process effectiveness by recording/monitoring metrics to ensure process is completing within agreed upon SLAs.
A successful candidate would be technically proficient, detail oriented, and able to lead by example. He or she would be able to delegate responsibilities between self and team. The candidate needs to balance long term projects with daily duties.
Job Duties:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ College degree or comparable experience required
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ 3-5 years of experience in Windows operating system/platforms
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Knowledge of ASP.NET/MVC/IIS/SQL Server/PowerShell/MS Build/Web Deploy is required
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Experienced in application deployment processes
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Knowledge in scripting languages to automate deployment procedures
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Knowledge of application deployment tools
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Ability to troubleshoot deployment and configuration issues and applying solutions
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Collaborate with other teams such as IT, Operations, and Software Development teams and provide input for process improvements.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Able to work on off hours and weekends as the need arise (such as Production release)
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Strong oral and written communication skills.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Analyze current processes and procedures to seek improvements.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Evaluate emerging deployment automation technologies and their potential applications.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Maintain a positive working relationship with peers, and management.
Keyword: ASP.NET,SQL, Deploy,
Required Experience:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Minimum 3 years in a technical or IT related field
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ College degree or comparable experience required.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Relative industry certifications such as Microsoft and/or C
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Passionate and knowledgeable about current technology and application techniques.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Project management skills are a plus
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Strong written and oral communication skills, able to present to both technical and non-technical staff.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Able to work well in a team environment.
From: Paylocity

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